Friday, 25 October 2013

Alpha 2: After the update of 22 Oct 2013

Hi All

As announced by Jarko here there is a refresh of the Sailfish Alpha available now.

This post lists some immediate differences I have noticed, and some changes I had to make to get "things" working again.

As / If I discover other stuff, I will update this post

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Alpha 2: Migrating Landed

Note this article is work-in-profess, reflecting work that is work-in-progress, and will be updated / corrected as the migration moves forwards . . .

Last update is: 06 Nove 2013

It is the weekend, but as it is wet and cold outside, with new snow only a few hundred metres higher, there is no flying today. So I am back to programming, and more importantly porting my app Landed to the Sailfish Alpha 2.

As I explained in my last post, recently I have concentrated on the Harmattan version of Landed, making it easier to use, and adding more functionality. While it is not yet finished (will it ever be?). Landed is now fully functional, and thus another stab at porting to the Sailfish Alpha 2 makes sense.

This time, rather than porting all of Landed, I decided to cut out the section I had spent most time on recently into a throwaway demo, and port that. I know from my first attempt that porting all of Landed will take quite some effort: Porting part of it first follows the old software engineering concept of solving large problems by dividing into smaller problems.

The demo is called MigratePhoneContactsDemo. I will soon post the Harmattan code, and the ported Sailfish equivalent code to Github, and add links here.

This article charts the progress of the porting. As the porting is not yet finished at the time I start this article, I will revisit the article over the next few days and make updates as I find solutions, and as I walk into new problems. I will try and keep the article at a high level, and will add child posts if I need to go into detail on particular challenges.