Sunday, 9 June 2013

Landed Project Source Posted to Github

I have hinted in previous posts at my core app Landed, which started over a year ago on Harmattan, and is now up and running on Sailfish as well. Getting Landed running on both platforms was the motivation for creating the AbstractUI abstraction library.

For sometime I have been mulling over the idea of publishing the source of Landed, but it was never quite ready enough: there was always something else to correct, improve or add, and the migration to Sailfish (and abstract) proved to be a distraction.

It was not until I realized that this is likely to always be the case: there will always be something to improve or tweak, or a cleaner way of doing things, that to quote the Duke of Wellington I decided to "Publish and be Dammed!".

So both Landed, and its sidekick LandedSettings are now posted to:

See the file for an explanation of what Landed does, requirements, how to setup etc.

I make no apologies for the fact that Landed and LandedSettings are at the time of this post not finished. Most of the functionality works, but some does not. The abstract still throws lots of errors to the output, but am I working on the that.

Now for some food (cold fillet steak from last night), and some ale, then back to programming ….

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