Saturday, 3 August 2013

Update after the Sailfish Qt5 Alpha

Hi all

This is just a quick update to say what I am up to, and the changes I hope to make to this blog over the next few days and weeks.

The announcement of the second Sailfish Alpha: this one Qt5 is a tipping point. Plus the fact that the Sailfish guys were kind enough to link this blog from their official website has put a cat amongst the pigeons!

Due to the differences between Qt4 and Qt5 some of the exiting articles will no longer be relevant. Most however will be, but with small changes. So I am doing the following:

1) I have marked most posts indicating that they will be revised for the new Alpha soon.

2) Started updating posts for Qt5.

3) I have started porting my app LandedSettings so that it runs with the new Alpha. Whilst doing so I will gradually review existing posts and update these with differences. As LandedSettings currently uses the AbstractUI library this is a good "complicated" example to start with.

4) Where I encounter major differences (headaches) I will post new articles highlighting these!

5) I am pondering just how viable an abstraction library supporting Harmattan (Qt4.7.4) and Sailfish (Qt 5) remains, . I am convinced that the technique is highly relevant for different platforms on Qt 5, but less so for platforms on different Qt Versions. Once I am past the pondering stage I will post in detail on this topic.

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